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An insightful nutrition diary
designed to help you easily identify
which nutrition gave you trouble.

Identify which nutrition gave you trouble Nutrouble is useful for people following the FODMAP diet,
suffering from IBS and that want to find out if they have
any food intolerance.

Shows the diary and search screen of the app

Track and detect

Nutrouble will indicate the risk of a product causing you trouble. Add nutrition you consume and trouble you experience to your diary.

Learning over time

I recommend tracking a certain product group for at least a week to get a clear indication. The longer you use Nutrouble and the more data you provide the better the risk indications will become.

Your diary

Add nutrition products to your diary by searching for them or by scanning bar codes. When a product hasn't been added before, you can create a new entry for it.

Hang in there

When you experience trouble and aren't able to log this directly, you can always do so at a later time. Select the area in which you felt discomfort and pick the time when the first symptoms started.

Shows the product scanner and trouble screen of the app

Modern design is key Information at a glance, by using clear colors that have meaning to them.
Easily navigate between screens and a design that's optimized for the latest OS versions.

Screenshot showing the diary Screenshot showing the product screen Screenshot showing the trouble screen Screenshot showing the search screen Screenshot showing the product scanner

And that’s not all! See for yourself Nutrouble is created with performance speed and user privacy in mind,
all to make your life easier.


Nutrouble respects your data by giving you the tools to manage it: sync your data between devices with 'Sign-in with Apple' or remove all your data at once.


Review and manage app permissions from within Nutrouble. Personal user data like: 'email' and 'apple id' are only visible by you and are not sent to other users.

NO! Analytics

Nutrouble believes what you do within the app is your business. There are no trackers and we won't sell any of your data.

PDF Export

Generate PDF files from your diary that you can keep or share with your dietitian.

Image caching

Nutrouble makes use of the latest techniques regarding image caching and will only fetch them when needed. This will save you a buck while traveling.


Nutrouble is free to use but not to host and maintain. We won't show any ads, but offer a subscription to support Nutrouble. You also get some nice bonus features.

My belly is much happier. Can't
recommend this app enough!

Tess Watson on the App Store

Went through dozens of apps before discovering
Nutrouble. So useful and easy to use! Love it!

Lynn Parker on the App Store